Hi, I'm Michael, and I'm an Excelsior resident running for the Board of Supervisors in District 11 November 5 2024.

I love San Francisco. But it’s also broken.

I’m running to fight for a neglected district and fix our city.
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Fixing SF requires bold, optimistic leadership

I'm a first generation Chinese immigrant.

My parents and I came to the US with $100, and through education and hard work, achieved the American Dream.

I went to public schools, played sports at my local YMCA, and got financial aid at Harvard.

Ten years ago, I moved to SF to build new schools and give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

I'm an educator

  • Volunteer Head Start preschool teacher in the Tenderloin

  • Directed a student teaching program and volunteer taught 4th, 5th, and 8th grade

A school builder

  • Founded Tinycare, a new model for daycare that provides housing for teachers, raising $17.9M and expanding to 30+ locations across SF Bay Area and Arizona.

  • Founding team of Minerva, a new university with 7 global campuses, named #1 World's Most Innovative University

Community organizer

  • Organize Lunar calendar events bringing Asian Americans together to connect to heritage, including Qingming Festival in McLaren Park and Lunar New Year Lantern Festival in Geneva Carbarn

And public servant

  • Won a seat on the SF DCCC in March 2024, as the #1 fundraiser among first time candidates, recruiting 72 volunteers

  • Coordinated volunteers to write thousands of GOTV letters for the Georgia special election in 2020

Working to make SF better for all

  • Serve on the board of Wu Yee Children’s Services, the largest Head Start provider in the city

  • Organized monthly volunteering serving breakfast at Glide in the Tenderloin

I will fight to keep the American Dream alive in District 11

5 years ago, an architect friend asked if I wanted to help build a childcare center in a new development in the Excelsior. Now, I serve on the Board of the Wu Yee Head Start Center in the basement of that building.

District 11 (Excelsior, Outer Mission, Crocker Amazon, and OMI) is one of the last places of affordability in SF — where teachers and firefighters live next to software engineers and small business owners.

Where Chinese, Mexican, Filipino, Italian, Irish, and African American residents go to the same schools & churches together, and open small businesses on Mission Street & Ocean Avenue.

It reminds me of where I grew up, and where I want to raise my future kids. I'll bring my education, business, and community background to fight for my district.

My priorities for district 11

Public safety & clean streets

  • Fully staff the police department & arrest fentanyl dealers
  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing traffic enforcement & adding stop-lights and cameras
  • Increase street cleanups by partnering with Community Benefit Districts
Build workforce housing
  • Build more housing for first responders — teachers, firefighters, police officers — and make sure there is parking & good transit
Increase affordable childcare
  • Use 2018 Baby Prop C money to create more subsidized infant & toddler care in the district with the most kids
Help small businesses
  • Staff up the police department and help with security for retail theft
  • Fill the 50 vacancies on Mission Street and recruit marquee businesses
  • Add housing with parking to increase foot traffic

My priorities for fixing San Francisco

Public safety is #1
  • Recruit a fully staffed police department, cut their administrative burden, and root out corruption
  • Arrest fentanyl dealers & keep open air drug markets closed
  • Break up organized crime committing retail theft, car break-ins, etc.
More housing
  • Build more housing, and more affordable housing
  • Upzone along transit corridors
Pathways out of addiction & homelessness
  • Get people into treatment
  • Change conservatorship laws to help those with psychiatric disorders
  • Build more shelter bed capacity
Great schools, from pre-k-12th grade
  • Bring back 8th grade algebra
  • Implement the science of reading
A revitalized downtown
  • Rezone downtown from commercial to residential
  • Incentivize artists & shops
  • Add a university campus extension or a healthcare campus
Small business streamlining
  • Reduce regulations to empower small businesses
Governance reforms
  • Streamline 130+ commissions
  • Reform procurement & city hiring
  • Pass charter reform
Fight climate change

Read about me

I'm endorsed by

Attorney General
Rob Bonta
Scott Wiener
Paul Miyamoto
Joel Engardio
Matt Dorsey
Past Chair of the SF Democratic Party
Mary Jung
SF Democratic Party
Nancy Tung

Let's fix SF together

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